Reported finished projects in 2004

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Databanks, computations and models in the forest environment

10th national forest inventory
Integrated forestry planning method based on simulation and optimisation
Preconditions and opportunities for scots pine harvested in thinnings
Additional markets for wood products in Germany
Growth, yield and stand dynamics on drained peatlands
Timber production possibilities on Finnish peatlands
The management of the permanent field experiment on drained peatlands
Forest inventories of greenhouse gases and the carbon sink
The forest carbon sink and economic costs of implementation of the Kyoto protocol
A model of the effects of forestry on water courses
Sustainable development of thse Pechora region in a changing environment
Geospatial modelling of the effect of climate change on vegetation
Forest organisations are testing the MOTTI software
Customer-oriented logistics and e-business of chopped firewood
Short term variation of tree growth
Methods for monitoring forest regeneration results
Models, planning and decision supprt in accomodating different forms of forest use


Forest ecosystems and forest use

Boron deficiency causes growth disturbance in spruce forests

The ecological base and predictability of natural seedling establishment
Improvement of direct seeding and site preparation
Effect of soil temperature on the water transport and carbon and nitrogen allocation in forest trees
Aspen pathology
Regeneration of birch stands in drained peatlands of Ostrobothnia
The effects of reproduction dynamics on the genetic diversity of forest trees
Application of biotechnology for genetic research and gene conservation of forest trees
Silver birch climatic adaptation and geographical variation of growth
Afforestation of cut-away peatlands and peat fields
Carbon pools in afforested fields
Competition by ground vegetation in afforested fields
Summer planting of container seedlings
Participatory planning in state and privately owned forests
Policy instruments for forest-based public goods
Impact of forestry and environmental change on the diversity of boreal vegetation since 1950
Harmful impacts of biodegradable oils on forest machines and environment
Development of peatland harvesting
Maintenance of sustainable nutrient status in peatland stands
Factors affecting release of nitrogen from peat and the effect of nitrogen on tree growth
Quality of timber from drained peatlands
Impacts of cuttings on stand and site nutrition, tree growth and stand dynamics on drained peatlands
Effect of final cutting on the water, carbon and nutritient stores and fluxes in boreal forest on mineral soil
Damage caused by cervid species on forest use and methods to control the damage
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